The Reborn


"Server Shutdown" Game is Still Up (Future Edit)

Posted by Myz on 16.04.2019 - 01:28

This is a shoutout to anyone with their ears on. The platform that I currently use to host the games is due to run out of funds at the end of the month. At this time, both games will be taken offline. Moments before the shutdown. I will be taking a snapshot of the database and making a final copy of all files. This will allow for a potential relaunch in the future. Unfortunately with the level of schooling that I have, I just don't have the time required at the moment to take care of both myself and the game, as has been seen over the last few months. I do want to thank everyone that has been with us all this time. And that there should be a comeback for us down the road. Using the data, I seek to make some improvements for future iterations, I will also be keeping the domain active and will post high score boards for the corresponding games. If you have any concerns. You are welcome to message me and I will do my best to reply.

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