The Reborn


New Admin, Who Dis?

Posted by Pendragon on 04.06.2021 - 13:17

How's it going, guys?

Just letting you know that I'm taking over as Admin for The Reborn. I'm going to make little balance tweaks here and there, and I might add more work locations to skills to fill out gaps.

I can't currently code in PHP, but I plan on learning. I'm going to be working with Staff Tools and the Database to do anything I can for now.

First thing though! Our Forum is back Emoticon it might take a little work but it should be up and running properly soon. I simply have to re-add old categories, I believe.

I also updated Aestium:

- New Teleport spell: Teleport to Deathly Docks | Requires level 78 Aestium.
- Changed old spell cast values for Teleport skills
- To Juna: 50 -> 30
- To Port Solera: 50 -> 40
- To Mercia: 50 -> 60
- To Westport: 50 -> 80
- To Seagate: 100 -> 110

I wanted to add a more linear progression of Aestus cost per higher spell. The first four Teleport spells before were set to just 50 Aestus per.

I look forward to hopefully regaining some of the playerbase over time and making this a better game than ever before.

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